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about our firm

paxmentis advisors recognize that certain high net worth investors and retirement plan sponsors seek, and indeed deserve, access to the same investing process as instititutions, while preserving the highly personal level of attention the size and complexity of their holdings demand. for that reason, paxmentis serves the investment needs of a select clientele of affluent investors and retirement plans, those with the financial means and sophistication to benefit from an institutional approach to wealth management.

just as important to the wealthy investor and retirement plan sponsor, we specialize in attentive and personalized service including quarterly contact and regular face-to-face meetings.

just as we help our clients to attain their goals and objectives, we, too, have set our own, which include:

  • providing the service our clients need and deserve
  • we want to "raise the bar" for investment advisors
  • we seek to establish the most complete investment advisory consulting firm possible
  • we tie our success to our client's success
  • we strive to earn and keep the trust of our clients

it is important for you to know that paxmentis is totally independent, deriving our compensation not from commissions but solely from fees tied to the success of our clients' programs. with the understanding that your trust in our capabilities is only as good as our attention to your needs and the most recent performance of your portfolio, we accept the responsibility to continuously earn your confidence.






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