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services — frequently asked questions


why a fee-based business?

we believe how an investment advisor is compenstated is a critical consideration. it is important for you to know that paxmentis is totally independent, deriving our compenstation not from commissions, but solely from fees tied to the success of our clients' programs. with the understanding that your trust in our capabilities is only as good as our attention to your needs and the most recent performance of your portfolio, we accept the responsibility to continuously earn your confidence.

are after-tax results really that important?

consider just a few statistics to answer that questions:

• the top earning 10% of the u.s. population pays the majority of all federal individual income taxes in any given year (“who earns capital gains, and who pays capital gains taxes?” the tax foundation, 1999)
• wealthy u.s. citizens save and invest 27% of their after-tax monies according to a study by u.s. trust company
• nearly half of all capital gains were reported by taxpayers earning over $200,000 (“who earns capital gains, and who pays capital gains taxes?” the tax foundation, 1999)
• in 1999, 61% of wealthy individuals named “the fear that taxes will rise steeply” as one of their main financial worries (“the roots of the affluent,” u.s. trust, 1999
• investment advisory consulting firms have the services available to offer value-added after-tax solutions

why money managers and mutual funds?

money managers and mutual funds just make sense which is why institutional investors have been working this way for years. first of all it removes the emotion from the process, and it more easily allows for customized portfolio solutions while offering comprehensive performance reporting and monitoring.

why customize portfolios for clients?

certainly there are a variety of reasons why this makes sense, but here are our key reasons for customizing portfolios:

• adhere to the investment policy statement
• fill the needs of the asset allocation model
• offset capital gains
• avoid duplication of industries/specific issues
• reduce fees for account trading and execution

have more questions?

we invite you to contact us and ask any other questions you wish regarding our approach to investment advisory consulting or how we would work with your assets to build wealth for you.







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