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griffins guard o'er nests of gold . . .


in paradise lost, john milton wrote of the marvelous griffins, mythical lions with the head, talons and wings of eagles. emerging from the lore of ancient babylon, griffins built their high mountain nests of gold, and in fiercely guarding those nests from plunderers, became symbols of vigilance to the greeks and romans.


we at paxmentis advisors have adopted the griffin as our own. it is an appropriate symbol of our commitment to you as you build your own "nest of gold," and of the keen vigilance we offer to protect and enhance those assets. it also represents our unconditional pledge to deal with you in a forthright and professional manner, putting you and your family's interests above all other considerations.


if you feel you desire and can benefit from wealth management services that go well beyond "retail" packages, and you seek personalized advice to preserve and build your wealth, let us show you how our professional approach to wealth management can benefit you.






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