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"we help our clients attain their
financial goals and objectives so
they can live the life
they have dreamed about ."



the investment world has changed! technology has increased the speed of information dissemination and as a result, equity, fixed-income, commodity, and real estate markets all are affected more rapidly and to a larger degree than ever before. therefore, how to invest in the markets as it pertains to your portfolio is increasingly more difficult. additionally, understanding how scandals and fraud affect the markets is very important. all of this requires a degree of investing expertise that is unprecedented in our history.

paxmentis advisors have marshalled that expertise and brought it to focus on serving a select set of clients. all of our service are tuned to helping our clients live the life they have dreamed about. we do that by helping them attain their financial goals and objectives through our investment advisory consulting.

to accomplish these combined goals and objectives, we draw on over 50 years of experience in investment advisory consulting. additionally, we have access to the best money managers and mutual funds in the world, the latest technology for the investment industry and access to institutional investing concepts for our clients. we also provide outstanding due-diligence expertise, both from in-house resources as well as with affiliated companies.





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